About us

Based out of New Mexico So Syk began in early 2013 when 3 good friends came together with aspirations to make and be successful with rap music.16 B.A.R.S. joined forces with friends Chris N.B.K. Edwards, and Chaz Moss to form an unstoppable hiphop super group. With only 5 summer performance to start with they've set the southwest fire, gaining notice, and making connections across the state. So Syk is currently working on their first mix-tape "Are they ready for us?" along with 16 B.A.R.S. first studio album "New year.s in the twilight zone".

Upcoming Shows

Stupid Young Kids

Saturday // July 27th
Dj Clay show

So Syk

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Tickets $20


Saturday // Sept. 14th
Lil Pat

So Syk

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Tickets $10